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Sealing Criminal Records Can Improve Your Life

Dec 21, 2021

Why You Should Consider Sealing Criminal Records A criminal record can haunt you for years after the incident is long behind you. It ca...

Juvenile Gun Charges

Dec 8, 2021

Colorado law does not allow minors – meaning anyone under the age of 18 – to possess a handgun. Juvenile gun charges are serious, for b...

Defending Vehicular Homicide Charges

Dec 1, 2021

If you are the driver involved in a crash that kills someone else and police suspect you were acting recklessly, you’ll be charge...

Colorado Statutory Rape Charges

Jul 29, 2021

Statutory rape is a serious crime in Colorado. If you have a sexually intimate relationship with someone who is not of the age of conse...

Colorado Child Enticement Charge

Jul 28, 2021

Child enticement is a serious sex crime allegation in Colorado. It carries hefty legal, professional, and personal consequences. It is ...

How to Avoid Jail if You Miss a Court Date

Jun 16, 2021

You’ve probably heard that if you miss a court date you’re off to jail. Well, that can be true. But there are steps you can...

Understanding Your Criminal Charges

Jun 16, 2021

If you face a criminal charge, you may find it difficult to understand your criminal charges. You may wonder exactly what they are and ...

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