What Virtual Eviction Proceedings Mean for Colorado Landlords

Kayla Banzali
By: Kayla A. Banzali
PublishedFeb 26, 2024
1 minute read

Evictions, “having no geography, knows no boundaries.” While the original quote by Truman Capote referred to love, we think Capote may have said the same about Colorado’s new approach to handling eviction proceedings. 

As of January 1, 2024, Colorado landlords dealing with bad tenants can get legal help regardless of where they live. Why? Colorado lawmakers approved a bill last year that lets landlords and tenants appear in county court for eviction hearings remotely. This means my team and I can represent landlords on the Front Range and the Western Slope! 

A new Colorado law allows for residential eviction proceedings to take place remotely.

A snapshot of my evictions team: 

  • More than a dozen attorneys that specialize in real estate law 
  • R&H real estate attorneys collectively have 200+ years of experience
  • Familiar with county courts throughout the state

Moreover, Robinson & Henry is a full-service law firm with eight offices in Colorado. That means we have access to legal minds across a variety of related legal fields should your case ever need them. Our team is well-equipped to help landlords with the most complex eviction matters throughout the state. 

Virtual Hearings Means Savings for Landlords

Before the pandemic when a tenant received a summons, our attorneys would have to go to the courthouse and wait for the case to be called. These were billable hours for our clients, and they added up fast. While some eviction proceedings were held virtually, hearings were still in person – until now

New Law Brings Some Challenges

Not only will virtual courtrooms save our landlords on attorney fees, they are also more convenient. But as convenient as a virtual court is for you, it’s going to be equally – if not more – convenient for your tenant to fight the eviction. We’ve already seen how tenants are using HB 23-1186 to their advantage. In the past, only attorneys could access the court’s e-filing system. This meant we could file motions or other documents electronically by email. HB 23-1186 made it so pro se defendants can file answers the same way we do for our clients. It essentially leveled the playing field in the tenants’ favor.

That’s why, now more than ever, you need an attorney who knows our state’s complex eviction law and how to fight it out in (virtual) court. 

Talk to an Eviction Attorney About Getting Rid of Your Bad Tenant

Our landlord attorneys can help you get rid of your bad tenant, no matter the jurisdiction of your case. Give us a call at 303-688-0944 to schedule a case assessment now. 

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