What’s Better? Kick the Tenant Out or Demand Rent?

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By: Bill Henry
PublishedMay 1, 2020
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Questions About Eviction?

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Evict or Demand Rent

When pursuing an eviction, landlords will often have the option to choose between a notice to quit or demand for renting compliance.

The better choice depends on the landlord’s preference based on a couple of factors.

So first, the landlord should determine how badly the landlord wants the tenant off the premises.

If it’s acceptable that the tenant pay and then stay on the premises, the demand for renting compliance is likely the better option. If there is simply irreconcilable differences and the landlord wants the tenant off the premises no matter, then, notice to quit may be a better option.

The second factor to consider is time. Typically when both a demand and a notice to quit are available, the notice to quit is going to take a little bit longer because it’s based on the term of the tenancy.

So if you’re looking to get the tenant out quickly, a demand can be the quicker option.

On the other hand, a demand does allow for cure of the breach of the lease, and therefore if you need certainty in time, then the notice to quit adds a little bit of a benefit.

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