Eviction Timelines and How They Vary

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By: Bill Henry
PublishedApr 6, 2021
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Landlords always ask our eviction attorneys: how long before the eviction forces tenants out of my rental property? Even though evictions follow strict regulations, eviction timelines vary between cases.

This article touches on eviction timelines and what can affect them.

Eviction Notice

Eviction Timelines Vary

The time it takes for a tenant to vacate your premises after being served with an eviction notice can vary from case to case.

That means your rental property is not earning income while you wait to have that problem tenant evicted from your rental apartment or house. That defeats the purpose of owning a rental property. As a landlord, you want to rent out that property again as soon as possible, right?

Type of Eviction

When you work with an eviction attorney, they’ll want to know what type of eviction you have. Evictions can be residential or commercial.

Reason for the Eviction

The eviction will be based on rent or compliance. They can also be based on a renter’s failure to leave.

Eviction timelines depend on those types of factors. How quickly you can resolve your problem and rent your property again depends on the type of eviction you’re filing.

Eviction Timeline & Factors that Affect It

Weeks 1 and 2

Once the complaint is filed with the court, you are required to return to court roughly seven to 14 days later. This is called the Return Hearing.

Weeks 3 and Beyond

Depending on what happens at that hearing, you will likely receive a court hearing and an Evidentiary Hearing a week later.

If the court rules in your favor, you must wait at least 48 hours before getting a writ of restitution. You take this document to the sheriff to schedule a lockout of the renter.

Eviction timelines can be stalled a little here because you’re at the mercy of the sheriff’s schedule.

Connect With an Eviction Attorney

Evictions are not pleasant for anyone. As a landlord, you miss out on important rental income during the eviction process and while you search for a new tenant and make any necessary repairs to the property.

An experienced eviction attorney can help you sort through the various steps along the way. If you have questions about eviction timelines, filing evictions, or how an eviction attorney can assist you in this process, set up a case assessment. Call 303-688-0944 or click here to schedule that meeting online.

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