Whose Insurance Covers My Car Crash Injury?

There are many uncertainties when you’re injured in a car crash, including whose insurance will pay your medical bills.

Learn Whose Insurance Pays Your Medical Bills

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Does the Insurance Company Cover My Brain Injury?

The Top Concerns 

The biggest concerns that I hear about from my clients are where do I find the best treatment for my injuries and how am I going to pay for it. Everybody assumes that the at-fault party’s insurance is going to pay for everything. Of course, we try to make sure that this happens. But among the things that people don’t know is that the other person’s insurance company may not have enough money.

A Question of Timing

In addition, the other person’s insurance isn’t going to pay you until you settle your claim. And you can’t settle your claim until you know how much your claim is worth.  Of course, the claim’s worth depends on how bad your injuries are, how long they take to treat and if you fully recover.

You may also be able to use your own car insurance if you have something called medical payments. That’s medical payments coverage or Med Pay on your insurance, your health insurance, or on the other guy’s insurance. It can get complicated really fast. We also need to be strategic about how to get you the treatment you need now, and then figure out how we’re going to make sure that it gets paid for at the end when you settle your case.

As I said, it gets complicated fast, but there are plenty of ways to find the right treatment for you to make sure to give you the best chance of full recovery.

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