Insurance SHOULD Pay For Your Car Crash Injury—But WILL It?

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By: Bill Henry
PublishedMar 27, 2020
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Getting well should be your focus after you’re injured in a car crash. You shouldn’t have to worry about whether insurance will pay your medical bills.

Problems Getting Your Car Crash Bills Paid? 

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How Insurance Companies Operate

So I know exactly what insurance companies are looking for when they evaluate cases and when they determine the reasonable and necessary medical expenses to negotiate with you.

Insurance companies do this for a living. They do it day in, day out, for hundreds of thousands of claims. So they know exactly how they’re going to evaluate your claim. But they’re not in the business of making money by paying extra when somebody doesn’t ask for it.

So if you don’t know what your damages are worth, and you don’t know the value of your injuries and your impairments, or your past and potentially future medical expenses, then you are not going to get fairly compensated.

What You Should Do

I recommend that you see a doctor. Get the correct diagnosis and explore all treatment options so that you have the best chance of recovery. And when I talk about talking to a doctor about your symptoms, no symptom is too small.

Concussions have a wide variety of symptoms. So you should think about everything that is different now than it was before the car crash and make sure that you bring up every single issue to a doctor.

If you don’t, and you try to later, an insurance company is going to say ‘why didn’t you talk about that a week after the crash, a month after the crash, or two months after the car crash’?

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