How to Increase Your Personal Injury Settlement by 3.5 Times!

Many people injured due to someone else’s negligence, whether in a car crash or a slip and fall, leave money on the table because they work with the insurance company themselves. This article discusses one simple way to increase your settlement.

Want to Increase Your Settlement?

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How to Increase Your Settlement

The Insurance Research Council recently reported that individuals who get an a personal injury attorney to help them with their case receive a settlement that is 3-and-a-half time greater than people who do not retain an attorney.

Robinson & Henry has helped numerous clients get more money out of their settlements. Here are some examples below:

R&H Helped a Client Get 10 Times More Money

Our personal injury team took on a client who was rear-ended while he was in his truck. His truck had a tow hitch on it.

Our client received a low ball offer. The insurance company dubbed the crash a low-speed and low-damage accident.

Our client was offered only $2,100.

After we took the case, we were able to review his injures and get the right documentation to demonstrate the injuries he incurred.

The case was settled for $25,000. That was the policy limit of the at-fault driver.

R&H Helped a Client Get $150,000

We had a client who had moderate damage to her car. She had treatments with her chiropractor, but she just wasn’t getting any better.

We sent to her to be evaluated. With the findings of that evaluation, she received a $150,000 settlement plus $15,000 to cover medical bills.

Let’s Talk About Your Case

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What’s a Case Assessment? 

During your case assessment, you and an attorney will talk about:

  • your injuries
  • the treatment you’ve received
  • any impairment due to your injuries
  • any future treatment you may need due to your injuries
  • potential complications from your injuries

Look, insurance companies will not tell you how much your case is truly worth. By reviewing your case, we can determine whether you’re leaving money on the table.

Don’t Let the Clock Run Out

Don’t wait too long to talk to an attorney. You want to ensure you do everything you can to preserve information about all of your damages for settlement negotiations and potentially trial.

Disclaimer: Past results afford no guarantee of future results; each matter is different and must be judged on its own merits. 

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