How I Helped a Client Seal Their Criminal Record

August 19, 2020 | Bill Henry

A criminal record can disrupt your life on many levels. Your criminal past can haunt you long after you’ve paid your debt to society, so to speak.  It may be possible to seal your criminal record so you can get a fresh start.

Criminal Defense attorney outlines which records can be sealed, as well as the difference between an arrest record and a recorded conviction.

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Can You Seal Your Criminal Record?

Sealing an arrest or a conviction record can dramatically change someone’s life. It’s an opportunity for a fresh start.

Sealing a criminal record, though, must be approved by the court. It will want to know whether your public criminal record is interfering with your ability to get a job, an apartment, or a loan – and if doing so is in the public’s interest.

The process to seal a record depends on what kind you want to seal. Do you have an arrest record? Or, were you found guilty of a crime that resulted in a criminal conviction record.

Sealing Arrest Records

If you were arrested, but the case was dismissed, you must still go through a process to have the record sealed.

The law basically states that the court shall grant that motion, as long as the motion and order are filed timely and properly with the correct arrest numbers and law enforcement agent numbers.

Sealing Conviction Records

Sealing a conviction can be more difficult. Some misdemeanor and felony convictions are specifically excluded from being sealed. A lot of them, though, can be sealed at the court’s discretion.

How We Helped a Client Seal Their Record

We helped a client who, as a young person, was convicted of multiple felony thefts over a relatively short time. Since the convictions, our client has worked hard to improve their life. To help continue that advancement, we submitted a request to seal their records.

The court examined how long it has been since our client was convicted. The court also considered that the crimes happened during a relatively short period of time during our client’s youth.

Ultimately, the court determined the public’s interest in knowing about the conviction did not outweigh the public’s interest in having a successful member of society.

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