How an Attorney Can Help Modify a Protection Order

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By: Bill Henry
PublishedAug 20, 2020
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Being involved in a domestic violence case results in a mandatory protection order. By its very nature, a restraining order is meant to prevent you from having contact with your accuser, which can limit certain aspects of your everyday life. However, you may be able to modify a protection order.

Curious About How to Modify a Protection Order?

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How to Modify a Protection Order

An attorney can help you facilitate the modification of a protection order. The restraining order prevents you from having any contact at all with your spouse or partner. However, your attorney is allowed to communicate with them.

Your attorney will reach out to your spouse or partner to gauge their interest in requesting the court modify or remove provisions of the protection order.

Modifying the protection order may allow you to have some contact with your spouse or even be able to return to the home you share with them.

Why Getting an Attorney is Strongly Encouraged

Reduce Protection Order Violations

As previously mentioned, you cannot have any contact with your accuser. That no-contact order also applies to your surrogates. For instance, having one of your relatives or friends communicate your partner or spouse on your behalf violates the protection order.

This is called a third-party violation, and it can have serious consequences for you and your case.

Facilitate the Modification Process

Your attorney, on the other hand, is allowed to contact your spouse or partner. It is legal, and it lets your attorney help facilitate the request to modify process.

Your attorney can also help guide your partner through the steps of requesting that modification from the court and through the District Attorney’s office.

This saves you the risk of potentially violating the protection order.

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