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Kinship Adoption

Family LawAdoption

February 2, 2023 – Often, grandparents and other relatives, like aunts and uncles, take care of children in the family. Depending on the circumstances, the caregivers may decide to legally adopt the child or children. In this case, our Family Law Team assisted an aunt and uncle in a kindship adoption of a minor child. This family can now move forward as the child’s mother and father.

Custody Win for Mother

Family LawDivorceChild Custody

February 26, 2021 – During a bitter divorce that involved a child, a mother sought our help after her ex-partner to their child and refused to return the child or let the mother know the child’s whereabouts. In this case, we collected evidence to present a clear picture of this mother’s circumstances to the court. It’s incredibly important that the judge who will render final orders, including parental responsibilities, have all the important facts of the case. As a result of our Family Law Team’s work, this mother received sole decision-making. The father would have limited, supervised visits with the child. Click the yellow link below to find out the steps we took to give this mom peace of mind.

Restrict Parenting Time Due to Immunocompromised Child

Family LawChild Custody
Marlana Caruso

October 19, 2021 – For immunocompromised individuals, catching COVID-19 or one of its variants can lead to serious complications and even death. A mother sought our help with restricting her child’s father’s visitation. Courts generally reserve preventing a parent from seeing their child for extreme circumstances. And in this case, the mother believed restricting the father’s parenting time was the only way to keep her child well. In this case, our client sought relief from the court to limit her child’s father’s parenting time because he refused to take precautions to reduce the child’s chances of catching COVID. For this child, catching the virus could have dire consequences. As a result of our Family Law Team’s work, the court sided with our client and ordered supervised visits with the child among other restrictions. Read about this case by clicking the yellow link below.

Reinstated Security Clearance & Recovered Back Pay

Criminal DefenseMilitary

November 15, 2021 – A positive drug test can ruin your career if you need a top-secret security clearance, whether you’re a military member, veteran, or civilian. Our client faced losing his job due to a positive drug test — even though he had not knowingly taken drugs. Our military attorneys developed a strong argument that restored our client’s former job position and resulted in substantial back pay. Find out how our attorneys helped this client regain job security and lost wages by reading the case study associated with this matter. Click the yellow link below.

Felony Charges Against Client Dismissed

Criminal DefenseAssault
Ryan Robertson

July 15, 2022 – Felony charges are extremely serious, particularly if you’re still a young person with your entire life ahead of you. Our teenage client was facing prison time and the lifelong felon label if he was convicted of felony vehicular assault. Our Criminal Defense Team carefully investigated this client’s case, and what they discovered changed its trajectory. The R&H criminal defense attorney assigned to the case took the evidence they uncovered to the district attorney who ultimately dismissed the charges against our client. With his arrest records sealed, our client can move on from this stressful event and focus on reaching his goals. Read about this client’s story in the Case Study: Felony Charges Against Teenage Client Dismissed. Click the yellow link below to view the article.

Major Inheritance Recovery

Probate LitigationProbate

January 5, 2022 –  In this case, a man sought the help of our Probate Litigation Team to recover money his grandmother had left him following her passing. The person designated to oversee the estate – the personal representative – was not communicating with our client about his rightful inheritance. The personal representative of an estate has a fiduciary duty to its beneficiaries when settling the estate. Part of a personal representative’s responsibility is to impartially distribute any remaining funds to the rightful heirs. That was not happening for our client. Our Probate Litigation Team investigated the matter and recovered a significant sum for our client!

Parental Abduction Case & Dissolution of Marriage

Family Law

May 28, 2021 –  Spouses can react in appalling ways when a marriage breaks down and divorce looms, especially when children are involved. In some cases, a spouse may take their child without the other parent’s consent. These are some of the most serious types of divorce cases our Family Law Team receives. This was the situation our client was in when they sought our help. In this matter, our client had not seen their child in many months after their spouse at the time took the child out of the country and refused to allow our client any contact with their child. The most critical part of this dissolution of marriage was to have the child returned to our client. Due to the opposing party’s continually depriving our client of their child, the court awarded our client sole decision-making authority for the child and made our client the primary residential parent. Additionally, because the court found the opposing party wrongfully retained our client’s child, we obtained the orders needed to invoke the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. Filing this petition expedites the child’s return to our client after being abducted by the opposing party. This was a difficult case in which our family law attorneys obtained the best possible results for our client. Read about this client’s case by clicking the yellow link below.

Forklift Lawsuit Win

LitigationContract Disputes
Geanne Moroye

May 23, 2021 – Anytime a consumer purchases a piece of equipment – from a hand mixer to a forklift – there’s the expectation it will work. When it doesn’t, well, the buyer expects to have it replaced or get their money back. The more expensive the purchase, the more lengths someone will generally go through to get a resolution. This client was seeking a full refund. A contractor approached our Litigation Team for help getting their money back from a used forklift company. Our client had purchased a used forklift that, unfortunately, never worked for them after the initial purchase. We successfully helped this client recover three times the amount of money they spent on an inoperable used forklift. Our attorney’s knowledge of the law coupled with a lackadaisical forklift company paid off in a big way for our client. Click the yellow link to read more about the case.

Homeowner Lawsuit Defense

HOA LitigationLitigation
Geanne Moroye

May 22, 2021 – Many planned communities have a Homeowner’s Association that regulates everything from what paint colors residents can choose for their home to how a yard can be landscaped. And it’s pretty common for an HOA to levy stiff fines against homeowners who violate the rules. A homeowner sought our Litigation Team’s help after their HOA sued them for unapproved work completed on their yard. Our litigation attorneys answered the complaint on behalf of the client and represented them at mediation. Our attorneys won a motion to set aside default, and the case was settled at mediation. While it is impossible for some cases to avoid going to trial, our litigation lawyers aim to exhaust all legal options before venturing into court. Doing so saves the client time and money.

Faulty Unjust Enrichment Case Dismissed

Nicole Griffard

July 12, 2024 – Hiring a contractor to work on your home comes with a reasonable expectation of professionalism and quality work. If something’s not right, you expect it to be fixed. That wasn’t the case for our client, who was sued when the contractor damaged their roof.   The homeowner, in this case, hired a construction company to install a new roof. Unfortunately, the installation was improperly executed, causing significant damage to our client’s property. Despite our client reporting the problems and requesting repairs, the construction company insisted on completing the project without fixing the defects.  The company then threatened to place a lien on our client’s home if their balance wasn’t paid within a week.  When the company filed a lien on the property and a lawsuit, the homeowner turned to Robinson & Henry for help. We countered with our own lawsuit, which included construction defects. The judge dismissed the company’s lawsuit and the company was forced to remove the lien and pay our client damages for all the trouble.  

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