Easement Review

Real EstateAttorney: Kayla A. Banzali

May 31, 2021 – An easement is a type of property right that allows one party to use another’s property for a specific purpose. Private property owners often grant easements to government entities such as utilities and municipalities. However, individuals may also have easements to access the property of a neighbor.

The existence of an easement can burden the property owner and detract from the property’s market value. This means that easement issues often arise in connection with real estate transactions and boundary disputes.

Our clients lived on property that was originally 20 acres before it was subdivided into two separate parcels, one 15 acres and the other 5. Our clients, who were living on the 5-acre parcel, retained us because their neighbors wanted to subdivide their 15-acre property. Robinson & Henry’s real estate attorneys conducted an easement review for our clients and made them aware of their options for future actions concerning the property.

Successful Recovery of Attorneys Fees

General LitigationAttorney: Kayla A. Banzali

May 20, 2021- Litigation, while often necessary, can be quite expensive. In this case, our client approached us about recovering attorneys’ fees he had accumulated in an eviction matter because of the property manager’s negligence. Our attorneys negotiated a settlement agreement with the opposing party and our client was able to recoup a substantial amount of those attorneys fees.

Protection Against Common-Law Marriage Claim

Real EstateAttorney: Kayla A. Banzali

May 16, 2021 – Cohabitation is a popular choice for many couples, however, this type of living arrangement has been known to prompt people to bring claims of common-law marriage when the relationship ends. When that happens, one’s personal assets are at risk of being lost.

In this matter, an individual sought our Real Estate Team’s help as they prepared to welcome their significant other into their home. Our client wanted to ensure their assets are protected from a common-law marriage claim in the future should the relationship end.

Our real estate attorneys drafted a lease agreement that included language that the significant other would have no interest in the house or a valid common-law marriage claim. As a result, our client feels confident their home and other assets are safeguarded in the future.


Lawsuit Defense

LitigationAttorney: Kayla A. Banzali

May 8, 2021 – Our attorneys are known for helping clients recover damages in civil litigation matters, but we also represent clients seeking lawsuit defense.

In this case, a client was being sued for more than seven figures regarding a contract dispute. The best outcome for our client was to mitigate the financial hit they were going to take as a result of the lawsuit. Our Civil Litigation Team was able to negotiate a settlement that helped our client save a substantial amount of money and avoid going to court.

Drafted Lease Agreement

Real EstateAttorney: Kayla A. Banzali

April 29, 2021 – People living in a rental property can make all sorts of claims that may or may not be true.

In this case, attorneys from Robinson & Henry’s Real Estate team drafted a lease agreement for a client to protect their interests against assertions made under the claim of a common-law marriage.


Drafted Sublease Agreement

General LitigationAttorney: Kayla A. Banzali

April 27, 2021 – Sometimes people’s jobs require them to relocate for a temporary but significant period of time. In that case, they might be required to sublease an apartment or office space.

In this situation, our Real Estate Team successfully drafted a sublease agreement for our client.



Trademark Application

Business RepresentationAttorney: Kayla A. Banzali

April 22, 2021 – There is a lot involved in setting up a new business, and many times the assistance of an experienced business law attorney is needed. This client wanted help with ensuring their new business’s name and logo are protected.

Our Business Representation Team submitted an application on behalf of our client to the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This allowed our client to get the process started with their new business venture.

$190,000 Investment Recovery

LitigationAttorney: Kayla A. Banzali

April 21, 2021 – An individual sought our help to recover a significant amount of money they invested in a property.

Our client purchased a home with a romantic partner, however, our client was not listed on the property’s title. When the relationship ended, our client faced losing the money they put towards the purchase of and improvements on the home.

This was a complex case that could have gone to court. However, we negotiated a settlement that resulted in our client receiving half of the equity in the home, roughly $190,000.

Not only did our client get the equity they deserved, but we also helped our client save time and money by avoiding a lengthy court battle.

Title Company Dispute

LitigationAttorney: Kayla A. Banzali

April 15, 2021 – In this matter, we successfully defended our clients in a dispute against a title company for a title issue. As a result, our clients were put in a better position to negotiate and they reached a beneficial outcome.

Lawsuit Defense

LitigationAttorney: Kayla A. Banzali

April 14, 2021 – A client came to Robinson & Henry’s Litigation Team seeking help after being sued for $100,000 in personal injury damages.

Our attorneys uncovered important facts during the critical discovery phase of the case. As a result, the opposing party settled during mediation for a payment of $4,000 from our client.

In addition to saving our client an enormous amount of money from the requested damages alone, we prevented an expensive trial.

Past results afford no guarantee of future results; each matter is different and must be judged on its own merits.