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question iconTwo years ago, my neighbor, against my verbal wishes, screwed a series of old 6′ picket panels to our shared 4′ chain link fence. I had asked him not to five years ago, so he initially stood two panels a few inches to his side, but, for whatever reason, two summers ago he filled the entire section in. I told him that the winds would blow it down and likely while he was wintering in AZ. Well, the winds last week did, in fact, blow the entire section of our fence down. I sent hi photos and he said he wanted his homeowners insurance to look into it and have a set of his friends make temporary repairs.. I have heard nothing since and I had to prop it up to allow our kid’s dogs to come with them for Christmas and keep them in our yard. What are my options. I should not have to pay for the fence replacement as I told him I was against the picket installation.
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There are a number of questions that need to be addressed here before we can answer your question. We need to understand who owns the fence, is it actually shared ownership, is the fence the property line, can you document your objection to the neighbor's actions, how old is the fence, what is the estimated cost of repair or replacement, etc.

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Bill Henry
Real EstateDec 25, 2021
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