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question iconOur HOA in Northern Colorado is trying to sell a parcel of common area that was originally supposed to be a clubhouse but the developer decided just to deed it back to the HOA instead. It is about 1 acre right next to a lake and has abundant wildlife. Many neighbors want to retain it as is, but the HOA put it to a vote. It was defeated in August 2018 and I headed a committee to look at alternate uses. However committee members were bullied and verbally abused in meetings. The committee fell apart and now the HOA wants to put it back to another vote (to sell) hoping to get the required two-thirds. Can they do this when it was already defeated less than 6 months ago?
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The short answer is yes...But that doesn't mean that there is nothing for you to do. At this point this is a political issue meaning you should focus on winning the vote. But, if that fails you should have a plan to legally challenge the process and vote results, that is where we can help. Our HOA attorneys can help you just call 303-688-0944 to schedule a free case assessment.

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Bill Henry
OtherApr 22, 2019
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