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question iconI belong to a small HOA ( 8 homeowners) am curious to what needs to be registered and filed with state. Do Dora rules pertain to us? Do minutes and finicials need to be recorded?
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HOAs are minimally controlled by DORA. But, they are regulated by the Colo Common Interest Ownership Act and by your HOA's governing documents. Unfortunately, each HOA essentially operates under it's unique set of rules. If you are having difficulty with your HOA I recommend that you schedule a case assessment with one of our HOA attorneys, we only represent homeowners not HOAs. At the meeting you can discuss the issues, your rights, remedies, options, concerns, likelihood of success, options, costs. etc. Just call us at 303-688-0944 or schedule online at robandhen.wpengine.com/locations.

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Bill Henry
OtherSep 10, 2020
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