Harassments in an HOA


A member of our association requested records from our HOA that targeted specific individuals within our association (myself included). The records requested were legal billing records of contact between HOA legal and either board members or management with amount of money billed. The member who requested the records posted this “financial statement” on a social media site. When the same records were requested by another homeowner (one named in the original doc provided) was denied, by the board.

What if anything can be done?

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Asked on November 5, 2020 8:41 am
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Certainly the HOA has duty to treat all homeowners equally. It seems that either both or neither of the homeowners had the right to the data. Nevertheless, these issues can be complicated and factually dependent. We represent homeowners against HOAs, if you want to enforce your rights you should contact us to schedule a free case assessment with one of our attorneys.
You can schedule a free case assessment 24/7 by calling 303-338-2365 or online at https://calendly.com/case-assessment/case-assessment. At your appointment, we'll meet by phone or video (Zoom), we'll discuss your concerns, desired results, rights, remedies, the law, the process, timeline, how we can help, costs, etc.

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Answered on November 5, 2020 9:02 am