Harassment by Arapahoe Lake HOA/Westwind Management


I have been a resident in Arapahoe Lake for 22 years. Last Friday I received a letter detailing issues with my property. The nature of these issues are far beyond reasonable. The root cause of this letter is that we have a sign in our yard “Hate has no Home Here”. Under the bylaws of the Association I can have a “political sign” out six months before an election. Yet for whatever reason this sign has antagonized someone on the HOA Board. One of the issues they are compalining about is that our fence is 6’1″. HOA rules are no fence larger than 6′. They want me to remove my fence over 1″. This also appears that someone entered my property without permission to actual measure my fence! I of course have a copy of the letter to download if needed. Thank you.

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Asked on July 13, 2020 1:45 pm
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Certainly HOAs do not have the right to harass or target specific homeowners in a neighborhood. But, fighting the HOA can be a lot like the old express, it is hard to fight City Hall, we know because we represent homeowners up and down the front range defend themselves against overbearing HOA Board every day. Many times these issues are very emotional on both sides. For that reason I recommend that you contact our HOA attorneys to discuss your rights, remedies, options, risks, the law, etc. Just call us at 303-688-0944 (24/7) or schedule online at robandhen.wpengine.com/locations.

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Answered on July 15, 2020 2:45 pm