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I called the collection agency months ago, approximately 6 months actually. I told them I was certain I had already paid the bill in question. They told me they would call and confirm with the original creditor and let me know. I just recently found out it was put in dispute by my mortgage loan officer and it’s holding up the closing. I called the collection agency and was told it was put in dispute and they had called and confirmed that this wasn’t one of the bills I had paid and I did owe it. In the 6 month span of this occurrence I only found out the above information because I called yesterday 11/10/16 to find out why it was in dispute. I was told the only way to correct it was to write them a letter asking for it to be removed from dispute and only after its removal from dispute could I pay it even though I never wrote them a dispute letter in the first place. I never received any information from them that they had confirmed this debit or anything. I’m ready to close on my mortgage loan and I’m not sure whether I should write them a letter requesting a removal from dispute?

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Posted by Anonymous
Asked on November 11, 2016 2:59 pm
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It is impossible to answer your question from the facts presented.
If your lender will close you should close first then dispute this issue later.
If your issue is with the credit reporting agencies, you should complete their administrative process.

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Posted by Don Eby (Questions: 0, Answers: 18)
Answered on November 13, 2016 4:38 pm