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My name is Thomas Waters and I am an American that has been living and working in Germany for the past four years. I was born and raised in Colorado and my parents still live in the Conifer/Evergreen area.

My long term plan is to retire in the United States but I will be staying in Germany for the next several years. In order to set myself up financially, I would like to invest money I have in U.S. accounts through a financial advisor in the Denver area. Unfortunately, the advisor cannot legally advise me because I do not currently live in the U.S.

The best workaround that the advisor suggested would be to designate my parents as a power of attorney so that they can invest the money for me. I have been able to find power of attorney documents online but most of them automatically set the location of the signing as Colorado. This is something that I obviously cannot do at this point in time.

I have several general questions regarding the power of attorney process in Colorado:
* Is it possible to designate someone in Colorado (my parents) as a power of attorney while I am living abroad?
* If so, can I just manually adjust the documentation I have already found or does Colorado law require a different type of document?

Thank you very much for your help.

Thomas Waters.

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Asked on November 13, 2020 12:43 pm
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Can you designate someone in CO to be your POA while you are living in Germany? Yes.
Can you modify a POA to change the location of the Notarization? Yes.
But, giving a family member a general Power of Attorney is a very significant event and not one to be taken lightly. I would recommend having an attorney help you with drafting a Limited Power of Attorney for this purpose. The POA can be notarized either in Germany via the German Notarization rules, at the US Embassy or a US Military installation, or currently Colorado allows remote notarization of such documents.

Good Luck!

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Answered on November 16, 2020 9:35 am