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I make 67000 a year my ex wife makes 45000 I am being charged 840 a month for child support plus 59 percent of daycare and 59 percent of all medical expenses I am never aloud to claim my child on taxes am I paying to much?

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Asked on September 22, 2021 11:38 am
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Unfortunately that is not a question that can be answered in this setting. In addition to the items you mentioned, there are several other factors that affect the amount of child support including, but not limited to: the amount of spousal maintenance paid and received by each parent; the amount of child support paid pursuant to court order for children not of the marriage or relationship; the number of children for whom support is being calculated; the number of other children for whom each parent has a duty of support (if not already addressed by payment of child support pursuant to a court order); the amount paid for work-related child care; the amount of any extraordinary medical expenses; the amount of any extraordinary expenses; the income of the child; and the amount of the child’s travel expenses for parenting time.

An experienced family law attorney can review your orders and discuss with you whether the calculation is correct, and if not, the process involved in modifying those orders.

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Answered on September 22, 2021 3:35 pm