Can a landlord be held responsible for moving expenses?


Basically, I’m living in a very small apartment, very small. which is not in good repair at all. The landlord and the property manager don’t seem to care at all. I’ve complained about various things many times relating to the condition of the apartment and problems with other tenants, even to the point of calling the sheriffs department several times. Nothing improves. It’s to the point where I have to consider moving. Due to the high cost of living and current apartments proximity to my job this will mean relocating and finding another job. Can my landlord be held responsible for any of my relocation costs?

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Asked on October 28, 2019 5:49 pm
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Landlords are seldom required by the Court to pay moving expenses for a tenant.
You describe several issues with your apartment. Although, size is not a Warranty of Habitability claim I encourage you to review the Colo Warranty of Habitability. The 2019 Colo Legislature significantly strengthened the Warranty of Habitability in favor of tenants. But, you still have to provide notice and opportunity to cure to perfect your defense. This somewhat complex issue and I encourage you to seek a free case assessment if you want to claim a breach of the Warranty of Hability.

As always, you should call 303-688-0944 or schedule a free case assessment online at At your appointment we'll discuss your legal issue, your desired results, options, the law, the process, how we can help, costs, etc.

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Answered on October 29, 2019 7:35 am