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I signed a installer contract with a company that is a floor installer for Home Depot 6 months ago.
They have charged a couple of unexplained charge backs, when I questioned them by email, they claim to look into and then ignore the issue and I’m out a couple thousand dollars. I’ve decided to end the relationship but think I should take legal action to recover my money plus damages for loss future revenue.
The company is based out of Denver, I’m in Seattle but according to the contract all legal disputes are to take place in Colorado.

Thank you
Armando Rebelo

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Asked on June 11, 2021 10:35 am
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We are very sorry that this has happened to you. Based on the contract language you cite if you wish to bring a claim against this company you'll either need to come to Colo to bring your claim or retain an attorney to assist you. If the value of your claim is as you state $2,000 it may not be an economically viable case to retain an attorney to assist you with as attorneys bill at over $200/hr.

But, if you would like to explore the facts and your options more closely, I recommend scheduling a free case assessment. You can schedule a free case assessment 24/7 by calling 303-688-0944 or online at At your appointment, we'll meet by phone or video (Zoom), we'll discuss your contract, concerns, desired results, rights, remedies, the law, the process, timeline, how we can help, costs, etc.

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Answered on June 11, 2021 4:38 pm