Choosing A Residential Real Estate Attorney

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By: Bill Henry
PublishedAug 15, 2018
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There are many reasons you may need the services of a residential real estate attorney. But, you don’t want to call up just any name in the book. You need someone with whom you feel comfortable, someone who understands your situation and has dealt with similar problems dozens of times in the past. You need the real estate lawyers of Robinson & Henry, led by attorney Don “Corky” Eby.

Don is the kind of person you’ll feel a connection with from the moment you meet him. He’s owned many properties himself so he understands the challenges you face. If you face litigation, he also has the legal expertise you need to be victorious. But most importantly, he will take the time to fully understand your needs and represent your interests effectively.

Buying and selling residential real estate

If you are buying or selling a home without the benefit of a real estate agent, it’s wise to have an attorney assist you in your real estate negotiations by drafting or reviewing the purchase and sales contract to protect your interest. With thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of dollars at stake, it just makes good sense to have an experienced legal resource in your corner. We can make sure the sale is handled correctly and that there aren’t unpleasant surprises down the road. We’ll be your strong ally through contract negotiation and development, home inspection, title search, loan application process, insurance matters, and earnest money issues that arise during the buying and selling process.

The 3 Most Common Purchase and Sale Questions

  1. I have a contract to sell my home. Now the buyer says he cannot or will not complete the purchase. What are my rights to force the sale?
  2. I want to buy or sell a home. Do I need a realtor, or can Robinson & Henry handle the contract and the closing?
  3. I contracted to buy a home, but the home inspection came back unacceptable. How do I cancel the contract and get my earnest money returned?

HOA member issues

Have you received a notice from your homeowners’ association complaining about the color you’ve painted your house, your fence height, a business you’re operating from your home, or some other infraction of their bylaws? Are you thinking about not paying your HOA dues in protest?  You’d better know your rights before you take such an action.

You have an experienced and competent ally in the attorneys at Robinson & Henry.  Call us at 303-688-0944 for an assessment.  We’ll discuss your needs and your options for a legally sound response.

HOA formation and collections

The real estate attorneys at Robinson & Henry are an outstanding resource when you are forming a Homeowners’ Association. We can help you craft your bylaws and articles of incorporation in a way that is legally sound and easily enforceable. We can also handle your HOAs collection problems. We realize that HOA management and administration are probably not your full-time job. Doesn’t it make sense to allow us to take away the worry and burden, and replace it with peace of mind and a smooth-running, efficient neighborhood association?

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In Douglas County, Castle Rock, Centennial, Littleton, Parker, or anywhere throughout south metro Denver, Robinson & Henry is your best choice for legal advice and representation in the area of residential real estate.  For your , consultation call (303) 688-0944.  

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