Can an Attorney Save You in a Real Estate Transaction?

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By: Bill Henry
PublishedNov 13, 2020
1 minute read

Real Estate transactions can be difficult and stressful for anyone. Why not skip the madness and hire an attorney?

Civil Litigation Attorney goes over how an attorney may save you in a real estate transaction.

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For a number of years before I came to Robinson & Henry, I was an attorney in Chicago or in the Chicago suburbs. And a large part of my practice was handling real estate closings, which when I came here to Colorado, I discovered was not, or had heard was not the practice here.

So the question that I was gonna ask was could an attorney save you money in a real estate closing? Maybe on the purchase side, perhaps also on the seller side, there are a number of things. I think real estate agents handle a lot of the activity or the negotiations in real estate deals here, but they’re, as much as you may love the real estate agent, their interests don’t always align with a buyer or seller.

There’s a number of areas, even maybe just from the beginning, discussing price, inspection issues, possession issues, obtaining or reviewing homeowner documents or condo documents, property disclosures, what needs to be disclosed, what might be a bigger issue having done this dozens, maybe hundreds of times in Chicago, we can have lots of input in all of those areas.

Maybe it’s just looking over the figures at the end, make sure all the payments, whether it’s a lender payment or exchanges of money with the other side in the deal, could be helpful. So again, that’s my question, could an attorney save you money? Maybe it’s just someone looking out for your interests in a big transaction, biggest transaction of your life, perhaps.

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