How YOU Can Make Change Within Your HOA

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By: Bill Henry
PublishedSep 15, 2020
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Homeowners Associations can be extraordinarily frustrating, especially when the HOA board does not address your concerns. It is possible, though, for you to make change within your HOA.

Real estate litigation attorney Boyd Rolfson provides some suggestions about how you can make change within your HOA.

Do You Have an HOA Problem? 

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It’s not out of the ordinary for some people to (unfortunately) discover their HOA is lax about enforcing covenants and rules.

If the problem is severe enough, many people turn to an attorney to help resolve the problem.

Make Change Within Your HOA … Without Hiring an Attorney

While an litigation attorney can most certainly assist you in resolving your dispute with your HOA, there are other options you can try before you take legal action.

The Homeowner’s Association

Homeowner’s associations, community associations, and condominium associations are organizations made up of homeowners within your community. In other words, your HOA is a homeowner’s entity that operates like a democracy of self-governance.

The power rests in the opinion of all of the neighborhood’s homeowners. There is strength in numbers.

That means you and other homeowners can be very effective at influencing change, whether it involves:

  • having a covenant enforced
  • adjusting a covenant that’s affecting your property value
  • a deficient HOA board

Ways You Can Take to Make Change Within Your HOA

Visit Your Neighbors

Chances are, if you’re having problems, it’s likely other homeowners are experiencing similar challenges. If there are enough people in your community who want to see something different, you may be able to use the democratic process to change the HOA.

Run for Office

Another option is to run to become a board member yourself, or run to be the board president.

Need More Help?

These can be be very effective ways to resolve the problems you’re having with your HOA. If, however, you find yourself in an unmanageable situation, speak with a member of our Litigation Team.

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