Will Your Brain Injury Get Worse If Untreated?

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By: Bill Henry
PublishedMar 27, 2020
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If you suffer a concussion during a car crash it’s important that it is properly treated. Why? An untreated concussion can have long-lasting issues.

Suffered a Concussion from a Car Crash? 

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Will Your Untreated Concussion Get Worse?

Lingering Symptoms

The actual brain injury itself may not get worse, but the symptoms could continue to last. Untreated concussions from car crashes are actually quite common. That’s because concussions are often misdiagnosed or undiagnosed by a doctor at the ER or your primary care physician.

And they’re even missed by you if you don’t know what to look for. You may think that your headaches are a result of your neck injury, or your fatigue is a result of having a long day at work or other things. You may disregard those symptoms or attribute them to something else in your life.

But unfortunately, an untreated concussion can lead to serious health problems that can last for months or even years.

If you don’t get the proper treatment for a concussion, you can suffer a range of physical, mental, and emotional symptoms.

Mood Disorders

One of the biggest ones is depression. So an untreated concussion can lead to depression or worsened depression. And that may take a year or two years to develop.

So, if you settle your car crash case in six months and don’t get treatment for a concussion, you may develop depression later that can actually be attributed to the car crash.

You may also find yourself easily irritated. You don’t have the ability to regulate your anger or your frustration anymore. And that can get worse over time if your concussion is not treated.

Other Problems

You could have difficulty concentrating, which is going to impact your daily life, your family life, and your work life.

You could feel dizzy or lightheaded. An untreated concussion can disregulate your sleep and change your sleep patterns.

That’s a not-so-common concussion symptom that many people, again, attribute to something else. “Oh, I had a stressful day. I couldn’t sleep well.” It could really be because of a concussion.

Another symptom is just general fatigue, such as, “I feel more tired than I used to six months ago,” or “I don’t want to work out anymore,” or “I just don’t have any energy when I get home,” or “I want to go to bed early when I get home.”

Those can all be signs of a concussion that could get worse if it is not diagnosed and treated.

Do Not Ignore Your Concussion

So, obviously, these are very significant symptoms that are going to impact you, your family, your friendships, your work and your future mental and physical health. So, do not disregard a symptom that is unusual for you after you’ve had a car crash.

Specialized Treatment Can Help

See a concussion specialist to have your symptoms evaluated and diagnosed and determine whether or not there’s treatment that you need to undergo to resolve the concussion.

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