Colorado Family Law Attorney Helped Client Keep Home

September 6, 2019 | Bill Henry

Family Law Attorney Kelley Cleveland’s client faced losing their home in their divorce. The parties were at odds about the house’s value and how much the opposing party should receive. Let’s take a look at what was at stake and the case’s outcome.

Family Law: Divorce & Asset Division 

Colorado law calls for equitable division of marital assets. Because Kelley’s client purchased the home prior to the marriage, the court could award part of the increased home value to the opposing party.

The opposing party claimed the value had substantially increased during the course of the short marriage. If the court agreed with that, Kelley’s client would be forced to sell the house in order to pay the opposing party.

As if losing their home wasn’t worrisome enough, Kelley’s client was also up against a civil protection order.

This was a challenging and contentious divorce. But Kelley’s legal shrewdness resulted in a victorious outcome for her client.

The Outcome

First, Kelley successfully had the opposing counsel’s witnesses and exhibits struck from court due to a late filing. Therefore, the opposing party was unable to present any evidence about the house’s value. This was a major blow to the opposing party’s argument.

The court found that the house’s value had not increased as much as the opposing party argued. As a result, Kelley’s client gets to stay in their home. The judge also allowed our client to make payments on the amount they owe to the opposing party instead of a financially-straining lump sum.

Finally, a civil protection order will not be entered against Kelley’s client. The opposing party previously tried to get a criminal protection order against our client, but a state court found there was a lack of evidence and dismissed it. The request for the civil protection order was based on the same allegations.

Kelley argued there was no new evidence about the alleged incident, and, because the state had already found there was a lack of evidence to support a criminal protection order, a civil protection order should not be granted. The local court agreed.

Consequently, the judge ordered the opposing party to pay attorney fees for the time Kelley spent preparing for the civil protection order portion of the case.

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