Do I Need a Divorce Lawyer for Mediation?

October 12, 2021 | Steven Lambert

If you’re getting divorced, Colorado courts want you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse to try to come to an agreement in mediation rather than take your divorce to court. Considering this, you may wonder whether you need to have a divorce lawyer for mediation. Robinson & Henry Family Law Attorney Steven Lambert explains how having one at mediation could give you a winning edge.

Get a Divorce Lawyer for Mediation?

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A Lawyer Can Benefit You at Divorce Mediation

In Colorado, divorcing couples are required to take part in mediation. A mediator is a neutral, detached, unbiased, third party who aims to help you and your spouse reach a middle ground in your divorce settlement.

Many of our clients and potential clients ask us, “Do I need a divorce lawyer for mediation?” The answer is, no, you do not need a divorce lawyer for mediation. But, a lawyer will definitely give you an edge at mediation, maybe even the winning edge.

What It’s Like in Mediation Without a Lawyer

For people who are not divorce lawyers, you probably do not know what the court could potentially do in your case, what it’s likely to do, and what it might never do.

With that in mind, let’s say you go to mediation all alone. Would you know whether the concession you are about to make is a good one? Is it a concession the court might do anyway so you would not need to make it? On the flip side, would you know if you are making a request that the court would never order in a million years?

What It’s Like to Have a Lawyer in Mediation

A seasoned divorce lawyer has seen just about every scenario you can imagine. They know what is typical for a family court judge to order in a case, and they definitely know what a court would never agree to. So, if you go to mediation with a lawyer, you right off the bat are in better shape than you would have been by yourself.

Your lawyer is going to be able to tell you when concessions being offered are true concessions. Your attorney will know whether you’re requesting something the court is unlikely to do.

We should note that while the mediator is a neutral third party, they do have a motive in the mediation, and that’s to work you and your spouse more towards a middle ground. Therefore, having a divorce lawyer for mediation – someone to advocate for you – helps quite a bit.

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