What Happens if You Violate a Protection Order

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By: Bill Henry
PublishedAug 19, 2020
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Violating a protection order after a domestic violence charge will lead to some serious problems as your case moves forward.

Knowing the limitations of a protection order is crucial to your case.

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The Outcome to Violating A Protection Order

Until a protection order is modified or changed it prevents you from having any contact with your partner. Even having a third party, like a friend or family member, contact your partner on your behalf could lead to criminal charges.

Doing that is a new criminal offense – in addition to your domestic violence charge.

You Could be Remanded to Jail

That type of protection order violation is a misdemeanor offense. And, in most cases, the mandatory protection order a condition of your bond.

That means, if you violate the protection order there is a basis for a bond violation. A bond violation can be problematic for your original case’s defense. It can also mean jail time and fines. 

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