What Happens If You Plead Guilty to DUI

June 16, 2021 | Ryan Robertson

DUIs are one of the most common charges that criminal defense attorneys see in the courthouse. Most people know the penalty of getting a DUI are pretty severe, like losing driving privileges. However, there are additional conditions you have to meet after you plead guilty to DUI.

In this article and video, Robinson & Henry Lead Criminal Defense Attorney Ryan Robertson discusses what happens after you plead guilty to a DUI.

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Requirements if You Plead Guilty to DUI

First-Time DUI with BAC Below .2


Generally speaking, if you plead guilty to DUI and it is your first DUI and your blood alcohol content is below .2, you face probation. However, the length of your probation is indeterminate, meaning there’s no specific end date. Almost assuredly, you can expect your probation to be about a year. The length of your probation heavily depends on the facts and circumstances of the case. It could be heavier than that or longer.

Community Service

In addition to being placed on probation, you will have to take part in something called Useful Public Service. This is better known as community service.

Generally, if you plead guilty to DUI and it’s your first offense, the court will order you to complete between 48 to 96 hours of community service. Usually, the community service order is closer to 48 hours, but it can go higher. If you have hired a criminal defense attorney, they can argue for you to receive fewer hours of community service.

Alcohol School

You will also have to attend alcohol evaluation and treatment if you plead guilty to DUI. This alcohol school, if you will, involves attending a very comprehensive class.

You will meet and hear from individuals who have survived alcoholism. You will learn about how alcohol affects the brain, the liver, and other organs in your body. And most importantly, you’re going to be going through these classes to show the court that you’re taking your DUI seriously.

Finally, there’s something called a Victim Impact Panel. It’s run by Mothers Against Drunk Driving. At the Victim Impact Panel, you will hear from various speakers about how drunk driving has affected their lives.

Fines and Court Costs

You can also expect to be hit with some fines and court costs when you plead guilty to DUI. The fines and court costs could add up to be hundreds of dollars.

Get a DUI Lawyer

Even though DUIs are the most common traffic offense, they are very serious and carry stiff penalties. Many people try to hand the DUI on their own. However, when you hire a criminal defense attorney, you have someone to fight for your rights and advocate for reduced consequences so you can more quickly move on with your life.

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