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By: Robinson & Henry, Attorneys At Law
PublishedJan 26, 2023
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Whether you’ve only just mapped out your career path or you’re well into your journey, Robinson & Henry is the firm to take your professional aspirations to the next level.

At Robinson & Henry, young attorneys are mentored by thought leaders within their practice area, and more seasoned attorneys have the opportunity to oversee a team of lawyers. Some team leaders transition to managing one of our offices. Substantial financial incentives accompany those leadership roles.

The way we see it, your law firm should play an integral role in advancing your career. That’s why we’ll provide you the means to attend seminars and conferences, and you’ll receive a stipend to pay for your Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits. Your success truly is our success.

If you would like to be part of a firm that believes in investing in its team, submit your resume. Learn more about careers at Robinson & Henry and review our current open positions.


At Robinson & Henry, we believe in equitable and competitive pay. Our pay range places our firm at the top of Colorado’s and Texas’s marketplace. Attorneys fresh out of law school receive a starting salary of $80,961. The most senior attorneys’ base pay is more than $200,000. A Partner stands to significantly increase his or her base salary up to an additional $60,000.

Additionally, Robinson & Henry is proud to tout consistent raises. To date, the firm has issued raises every year, a tradition we intend to carry on. That means the pay scale below will only get better. The firm also has an attractive benefits package that offers a 401(k) program.

Quarterly bonuses are awarded to attorneys for the following: 
    • Exceeding Hours: earn a 25% bonus for each hour you surpass your billable requirement 
    • Origination: earn a 10% bonus on time billed and collected for clients you refer to the firm, whether or not you do the work  

Furthermore, Robinson & Henry assumes the costs of your Colorado bar dues, annual Colorado Supreme Court registration dues, and business travel expenses.


At our firm, we understand that in addition to your job responsibilities, you have outside obligations that are equally important.

That’s why R&H has flexible working options for most employees that further loyalty and boost productivity within teams while respecting personal commitments.

Additionally, our billing requirements permit attorneys to maintain a traditional 40-hour workweek while enjoying four vacation weeks yearly.

R&H attorney billing requirements



Our attorneys enjoy less demanding billing requirements than most firms. Billable hours are reduced for partners leading a team so they can spend time ensuring their teams are well-managed, mentored, and meeting their goals.


If you would like to be part of a firm that believes in investing in its attorneys, submit your resume. Learn more about careers at Robinson & Henry and review our current open positions.

*Disclaimer: The information provided on this page for pay and benefits is for informational purposes only, and it does not fully describe plans and benefits in detail. In the event of a conflict between this summary and any plan or benefit document, the plan or benefit document will prevail. R&H reserves the right to make adjustments to the pay schedule, as well as individual and group compensation and benefits, at anytime with or without notice. Nothing on this informational page is intended to convey or imply a contract of employment. All Robinson & Henry employees are “at will.” 

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