Q&A: How do I solve a dispute out of court? Colorado Real Estate Attorney Boyd Rolfson Answers

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By: Bill Henry
PublishedMay 20, 2019
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How do I solve a dispute out of court?

Contract disputes can be solved outside of court. Sometimes it can be difficult, it really depends on the contract dispute. But if you really think of a contract, a contract is just an agreement between two people. That is, two people have basically come to the same agreement, that same meeting of the mind, it’s usually negotiated, and then you get to the terms of a contract. If there is a conflict or dispute with that contract, the same method can be used to try and resolve that dispute – that same coming together by the parties to work for some sort of common goal or some sort of result that both parties can live with and be happy with. If they’re unable to do so on their own, parties always have the option of engaging a mediator to help them mediate their issues and come to some sort of resolution, or they could submit there their problems to any other sort of, like an arbitrator who could actually sit and give an arbitration or a decision to help to make a binding decision on them on the outcome of their contract dispute.

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