The attorneys at Robinson and Henry have met with thousands prospective clients and we routinely hear that the biggest hurdle to hiring legal representation is the expense. Our pay-as-you-go approach allows you to secure legal counsel at the outset of a legal matter and avoid making that decision after you are in a crisis.

Our Four Part Approach

  1. Free initial case evaluation
  2. Low Minimum Retainers
  3. Flat fees when appropriate
  4. Transparency in our billing practices

free case assessment

Often, it can be difficult to even know what your options are.  That is why no matter what your problem may be, our attorneys provide a FREE 30-minute initial assessment.  Because of our experience, having met with thousands of clients facing challenging circumstances, we can quickly diagnose your legal issue and offer solutions.

Often the first step is the most difficult step – call us now at (303) 688-0944 or book an appointment online, here.

Low Retainers

Our low retainer allows you to get started solving your problem immediately, then simply pay as you go.

Retainer:    $1,750.00

(Retainers may be increased for emergency, highly complicated matters, or unique circumstances.)

Flat Fees

Robinson & Henry handles a variety of matters on a flat-fee basis. Please consult with our attorneys during the free initial assessment to determine if a flat fee is available for your case.


At Robinson & Henry, we believe in transparency. Our attorneys review each bill to ensure that the explanation of charges is thorough and accurate before a bill is sent to you.  Additionally, we bill on a bi-weekly basis to ensure that you are kept informed of the status of your case and the work that we have performed on your behalf.