From Our Perspective: Overturned Denied Hail Damage Claim

Matthew Hamblin
By: Matthew Hamblin
PublishedApr 24, 2024
2 minute read

Robinson & Henry’s knowledgeable attorneys give their professional insight in “From Our Perspective” where we take a closer look at successful outcomes achieved by our attorneys. We’ll also share our legal expertise on other cases and legal issues in Colorado.

In this episode, Robinson & Henry Litigation Senior Associate Matthew Hamblin shares his insights into a successful battle against insurance company denials. 

Specializing in cases where insurance companies unjustly deny or delay valid claims, Hamblin discussed a specific case involving a Denver resident whose hail damage claim was initially rejected by his insurance company. 

Despite the company’s refusal to acknowledge extensive damage found by a roofing contractor, Hamblin’s strategic approach led to a favorable outcome.

By urging the insurance company to conduct a repeat investigation and collaborating with the client’s roofing contractor, Hamblin secured a full roof replacement approval. 

If you’re dealing with a denied hail damage claim, Hamblin and our team are ready to help you fight back and secure the compensation you deserve.

Past results afford no guarantee of future results; each matter is different and must be judged on its own merits. Facts are those of an actual Robinson & Henry litigation case. 

Question: Matthew, thank you for joining me today. Tell me more about our client and why they reached out to you.

Matthew: Well, this gentleman was a Denver resident. his house had pretty significant hail damage from a June 2023 storm. He had called his insurance company to come out and take a look at his roof that was hit by hail. They determined that there was a little damage here or there, agreed to do some spot replacement. After that, he went and had a roofer come out and take a look at it, the roofing contractor, who then found significantly more hail damage. He then called his insurance carrier to come out and reevaluate. They refused to change their position to where it would require a roof replacement. 

Question: What were those reasons cited by the insurance company then, for the denial?

Matthew: That they had done a sufficient initial investigation and that, you know, that investigation was proper.

Question: What kind of approach did you take to advocate for our client in this situation? 

Matthew: In this situation, I asked, of course, for the policy documents, all the correspondence between him and the insurance carrier, evidence gathered by his roofing contractor. I then put that forward to the insurance company and asked them to do a repeat investigation of the property.

Question: How did the insurance company respond to your efforts? 

Matthew: They went out, me, the field adjuster, and the roofer went out together to take a look at the roof. Probably within the first 30 minutes, the field adjuster said, yes, this is a full roof replacement. 

Question: If someone is in a similar situation, dealing with hail damage, and the insurance company has denied their claim, what advice do you have to give them?

Matthew:  I would say to keep diligent records of all your communications with the insurance company, to get a copy of your policy and to contact an attorney that does this kind of work.


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