3 Reasons to Avoid a Do It Yourself Divorce

By: Robinson & Henry, Attorneys At Law
PublishedJan 30, 2024
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There are many reasons people choose do-it-yourself divorce. Colorado family law is complex, though, and so is the divorce process. Minor missteps can cause serious financial consequences months or years later. Now, D-I-Y divorce works for some people but not most. Here are three reasons to consider getting a family law attorney and avoid a Colorado do-it-yourself divorce.

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Reasons to Reconsider a Do-It-Yourself Divorce in Colorado 

1. Save Some Time

Divorcing is an intricate process that requires research and paperwork. Many of our clients have no idea how much time is involved in getting a Colorado divorce. From filling out your Sworn Financial Statement to your Property and Financial Agreement (and everything in between), there is a lot to do.

Robinson & Henry attorneys and paralegals are familiar with the paperwork and know how and when to complete it. If you’re like most people, you’re busy enough already. In addition to saving you time, a divorce attorney will help you avoid critical errors and missed deadlines.

2. Avoid Extra Stress

Going through a divorce will probably be one of the most emotionally taxing times of your life. Even the rare amicable divorce process can have its sticky areas. Contentious divorces often cause considerable personal upheaval. When you hire a divorce attorney, you have a professional prepared to advocate for your best interests.

Additionally, your attorney will communicate directly with your soon-to-be ex or their legal counsel, so you don’t have to. Chances are, if you’re not getting along well during your marriage, you probably won’t get along during the divorce proceedings. A family law attorney can reduce some of that conflict and stress for you.

3. Save Some Money

Believe it or not, hiring a divorce attorney can be less expensive than completing a do-it-yourself divorce. I know this sounds counterintuitive because hiring an attorney has upfront costs. But the cost of modifying your divorce decree can be costly.

Short-term savings:

Choosing to represent yourself can lead to mistakes like filling out the wrong forms, filling out the right forms incorrectly, or missing a crucial, court-required step. What happens if you make a mistake in a do-it-yourself divorce? You’ll have to hire an attorney to correct those mistakes. This can become expensive depending on where you are in the divorce process.

Long-term savings:

If you expect to pay or receive child support and/or spousal maintenance (alimony), you want to ensure you receive a fair payment at the end of your divorce. It can be difficult to modify either of these payments afterward. A divorce attorney can calculate these monthly amounts correctly so you’re not paying too much or receiving too little.

A good family law attorney can also spot key factors that you may be unaware of, such as:

  • entitlement to a portion of your spouse’s retirement
  • save your separate property from being included in the division of the marital estate

Connect With a Colorado Divorce Attorney

Before you decide to move forward with a do-it-yourself divorce, talk with an attorney to find out if you could benefit from having representation. Call at 303-688-0944 to schedule your case assessment.

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