Worksheet: Holiday and Vacation Schedule

September 5, 2018 | Bill Henry

Vacations and holidays can be fun and happy or stressful and frustrating depending on how well you outline your parenting time and holiday schedules in your divorce agreement.

A clear, written plan for splitting your children’s vacations and holidays is a critical part of your divorce agreement.

Our legal guide – How to Divide Vacations and Holidays: 9 Examples – provides a starting point for those conversations.

With good communication between your former spouse, the mediator or your lawyer, and other parties involved, you can develop a vacation schedule that will minimize the negative impact to your children and maximize the great memories you make with them in the future.

Questions About Your Holiday Schedule?

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holiday worksheet

Use this sample worksheet to ensure you don’t miss a single holiday in the calendar year.

Print holiday & vacation worksheet

Holiday and Vacation Schedule

For each holiday or vacation, indicate if child(ren) will be with the parent in ODD or EVEN numbered years or indicate EVERY year:

Get Help With Your Parenting Plan

Your parenting plan, which includes holiday and vacation schedules, is your parenting time safety net after your divorce is final. It’s important to ensure that all of the holidays you want to recognize are in the plan. Our Family Law Team can help you create a comprehensive list of days that are important to you and your family. Begin your free case assessment when you call 303-688-094.

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