Employment Tax Problems

Employment Tax Problems

The IRS’s Army Of Private Debt Collectors

Nov 17, 2022

What Colorado Taxpayers Need to Know About the IRS’ New Army of Private Debt Collectors Let’s cut the pretense – no one really likes ta...

How a Loophole Can Save on Your Payroll Taxes

Sep 16, 2022

If you’re a business owner, you may be wondering how you can save on payroll taxes. Tax attorney Lucas Frei tells you how in this...

What To Do If You Misclassified An Employee

Sep 2, 2022

Find out how to deal with independent contractor misclassifications.


How to Deal With a Fraudulent or Incorrect 1099

Sep 2, 2022

If you received a fraudulent or incorrect 1099, this article is for you.


Tax Debt? Think Twice Before Giving Your Money to a Tax Settlement Firm

Apr 14, 2022

In recent years, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has increased its efforts to collect unpaid back taxes from individuals and busines...

Denver Tax Attorney

Jun 1, 2021

Resource Guide for the Colorado Taxpayer Everything you need to know about local tax resources – from Colorado tax buildings to hiring ...

Our Employment Tax Attorneys Discuss How To Deal With Employment Tax Problems Such as 941 and 940 Tax Problems.

Jun 5, 2019

Learn learn what to do when you owe employment tax.


Resolve Your Tax Debt: Take Action Now!

Mar 27, 2019

Tax debt happens. It doesn’t have to be catastrophic. This guide gives you some options and will help put your mind at ease.


Solving Your Back Tax Problems with the IRS

Dec 13, 2018

Back tax problems can feel overwhelming. Learn what to do if you’re overwhelmed by tax debt.


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