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Judges Consider a Number of Factors in Custody Cases

Jan 16, 2023

Colorado family courts consider a number of factors when determining parenting time. Family Law attorney Niki Miller shares what you ca...

*Case Study: Father Gets Primary Custody

Jan 16, 2023

Dad’s rights are equal to mom’s rights, in Colorado – meaning both parents have an equal opportunity to raise their c...

Mediation is Required in Family Law Cases

Jan 16, 2023

A common question our family law attorneys get on a regular basis is: is mediation required? The answer is: yes. Family law attorney Al...

2 Ways Domestic Violence Can Affect Parental Rights

Jan 16, 2023

Courts take allegations of domestic violence very seriously and it can in fact impact your parenting rights and also your custody of th...

Can You Restrict Parenting Time Due to COVID?

Jan 16, 2023

The pandemic has created a lot of questions for divorced parents. A question our Family Law Team has received quite a bit is: can you d...

If You’re Ready to Sue Over Poor Workmanship

Jan 16, 2023

When you hire professionals to build on your property, you expect professional results. You expect that remodeled kitchen or brand new ...

Parental Alienation: It’s Tough to Prove in Court

Jan 16, 2023

Proving parental alienation is tough. You need to have evidence to bring to court that your ex-partner has intentionally turned your ch...

Colorado Security Deposit Laws

Jan 13, 2023

The facts and circumstances vary for each security deposit dispute. Know your rights.


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