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Notice of Intent - Understand How to Properly File a Mechanic's Lien

Avoid These Mechanic’s Lien Pitfalls

May 7, 2021

A mechanic’s lien is a powerful tool a contractor can use to force a client to pay. Real Estate Attorney Boyd Rolfson offers some...

Why You Should Get Legal Help with a Mechanic’s Lien

Mar 22, 2021

Many contractors whose clients haven’t paid them try to resolve the issue on their own. Perhaps you’ve considered filing a ...

The Power of a Mechanic’s Lien

Mar 16, 2021

Colorado contractors own lots of tools, but perhaps the most powerful one at their disposal is not found on his or her tool belt. Nope,...

5 Mistakes when Filing a Mechanics’ Lien in Colorado

May 31, 2018

For a contractor unaware, a mechanics’ lien is a useful legal tool for both securing and collecting on unpaid debt for services a...