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Common Law Marriage - File for Divorce

Common Law Marriage - File for Divorce

How Do You Know If You’re Common Law Married?

Sep 12, 2023

Colorado is one of the few States that recognizes common law marriage. This is convenient to Centennial Staters who’d rather just choos...

Learn the Frequently Used Terms in Your Colorado Family Law Case

Aug 9, 2023

You’re probably familiar with terms such as “child custody” and “alimony.” However, you may not hear thos...

Same-Sex Common Law Marriages

Sep 16, 2022

The Colorado Supreme Court recently ruled that a same-sex common law marriage created before same-sex marriage was legal should be reco...

Common Law Marriage & Divorce in Colorado

Sep 16, 2022

A common-law marriage that ends tends to be more complicated than a union that went through the formal process. That’s probably n...

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