Divorce with small children


My daughter on Colorado Springs is really struggling in a bad marriage with two small children. Her husband is never home and when he is, he spends all his time in garage refurbishing trucks or dirt bikes. We were there a few weekend ago visiting, and he was really mean to her even in front of us. I can only imagine what he is like when we’re not there. My daughter is a registered nurse who put her career on hold to care for her two young children (5 and 2) when they moved to CO from Virginia (where we live) for his job. She has asked him to go to counseling but he refuses. He recently told her that he can do whatever he wants as it is “his house”. We told her to be smart and breathe, document everything in a journal, seek marriage counseling on her own documenting his refusal to join, and begin putting some emergency money in an account only she can access, and begin to plan ahead.. If she packs up moves home to Virginia with her kids without first filing for divorce or separation in CO, would she be in any legal jeopardy? We just gave them (her) a van in November, and we would fly out and drive with her, but we want to make sure she knows what the law in Colorado states so her husband has nothing to use against her. He will not want custody of the kids; he won’t even change a diaper, but he very likely will try to retaliate. We just want to make sure our daughter and grandchildren are protected and get safely home to start a new life.

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Asked on April 30, 2021 7:55 am
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