Claiming dependents on court mediation papers


My fiance has a 4 year old that he went into a custody battle for at the end of 2018 all the way to march of 2019 when mediation was finished. Both parents were granted 50/50 with the terms the fathers address is to be the childs mailing for any reason and that he has the say in matters if they disagree on anything. This year (this tax year) ia the year the mother is supposed to be able to claim her BUT she didnt provide for the child last year. Meaning she didnt optain a job (proof), she didnt help pay child daycare cost (weve got proof) and she would ask US for money, and return said child on her weeks because she was unable to provide for her (we’ve also got proof of that) . My question is, if my fiance claimed his daughter this year, the year he wasnt supposed to per court papers, could he get in trouble even if he supported the child 100% of the time last year and there is proof of it and the mother didnt exercise her 50/50 rights for the child. Can we bring the proof of her not being able to support her, to court if they decide to try and get him in trouble for it? State of FL

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Asked on January 29, 2020 11:31 am
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