Choosing the Right Colorado Attorney

June 19, 2017 | Bill Henry

Choosing the right attorney

Hiring an attorney can be an intimidating process. You may feel agape, crushed under the impending tide of questions, like how much money can I afford to pay; what kind of personality do I want in my lawyer; what experience and educational background is needed for my case?

While it is natural to feel overwhelmed, the lasting benefits of retaining an attorney far outweigh these temporary feelings.

An Advocate at Your Side

When you have a legal issue, your lawyer will be your greatest advocate. Your attorney should exemplify ethical behavior, exert sound judgment, and offer cost-efficient services.

When you begin to search for a lawyer it is relatively easy to do so comfort of your own home. This allows you to initially vet potential attorneys, find out if they are properly licensed, or whether they have any disciplinary records.

Once you’ve found a few potential lawyers, book a few consults. Think of your first meeting as an interview; remember, you’re hiring them.

What to Look for at Your Initial Meeting


You should feel comfortable with your attorney. Having a good rapport allows for open and honest communication, which is incredibly important to the success of your case. Your attorney cannot effectively do their job if they do not have all the relative information.

Transparent Payment Structure

An attorney who is transparent and candid about the fees and costs of your case has your best interest at heart.

Most law firms offer a number of fee options, from flat fees and hourly rates to unbundled services (limited representation).

You should be aware of hidden fees. Also, be wary of an attorney who doesn’t offer a payment plan that works with your budget and is relevant to your case.

Good People Skills

Good attorneys are personable and able to cultivate working relationships with individuals involved in your case.

Let’s take a tax attorney, for example. If you have hired a tax attorney to help you with the back taxes you owe the IRS, you can probably count on your attorney interacting with the IRS on your behalf. Your attorney should be able to communicate with even challenging people, such as IRS employees.

An attorney who burns bridges and does not communicate effectively can negative affect your case.

Relevant Experience

Laws change due to new case law reinterpreting legal statutes. Therefore, it is extremely important for a lawyer to stay up-to-date on the law so they can provide sound advice and an innovative legal strategy.

An attorney who publishes pertinent articles, attends workshops, and contributes to speaking events is evidence of thought leadership within their field.

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