Dallas Family Law Attorney: Guiding Your Family’s Future

Are you facing family law issues like divorce or child custody in Dallas? Let our expert attorneys guide you. Schedule a consultation, and one of our experienced team members will assess your case to match you with the best-suited attorney from our Dallas team. You don’t have to navigate the complexities of the family court system alone. As a leading firm specializing in family law in Dallas, we are dedicated to rigorously defending and representing your interests.

Understanding Texas Family Law 

Residents of Texas are subject to a unique set of family laws, including stringent regulations on spousal maintenance, commonly called alimony. At Robinson & Henry, our trusted family lawyers in Dallas, TX, are well-versed in these laws, ensuring swift and compliant resolutions for your case. Protecting your children and assets requires an attorney who has a deep understanding of the nuances of Texas family law. Trust us to navigate these complexities effectively.

How a Dallas Family Law Attorney Can Help You

A knowledgeable family law attorney significantly boosts your chances of a favorable outcome. Our Dallas family attorneys take the time to understand your objectives, customizing their strategies to your specific situation. A Robinson & Henry lawyer empowers you to make informed decisions while managing the emotional intricacies of family court proceedings.

Our Family Law Services in Dallas

Within family law exists a wide range of issues, each with its unique obstacles. When you need a family law attorney in Dallas, TX, equipped to handle multifaceted matters such as divorce and parental rights, our firm is prepared to assist you with comprehensive services. 

Divorce Consultation

Are you considering a divorce but unsure where to start? Understand the divorce process clearly with our experienced divorce attorneys. They will provide you with a clear understanding of the divorce process as they gain insight into your marriage’s specific challenges. They’ll gather information about your financial circumstances, child custody concerns, and all other matters involved in the dissolution of your marriage.

Separation Guidance

Need clarity on what separation means for your future? We are here to help you understand your legal rights during separation and ensure you navigate this transition clearly and confidently. If you are considering transitioning from separation to divorce, our attorneys will guide you through every step, ensuring you make informed decisions.

Mediation Services

Interested in resolving disputes outside of court through mediation? Consider our mediation services. Mediation can be an excellent option for those who like to save money and avoid a lengthy court battle. We can provide legal guidance before and during mediation sessions to ensure you comply with Texas family law while working towards a peaceful resolution.

Child Custody Negotiations

Facing challenges with child custody arrangements? During separation and divorce, time with the children and parental responsibilities can prove a major point of contention. We will advocate for the well-being of your children while protecting your parental rights in child custody negotiations. Let us negotiate this sensitive and critical element of family law for you.

Child Support Services

Looking for guidance on securing fair child support? Ensure your child’s financial needs are met by working with one of our child support attorneys. A member of our team can guide you through the factors considered in child support calculations and fight for fair child support payments that prioritize the welfare of your children.

Spousal Support Agreements

Wondering how spousal support is determined and how it could affect you? Our Dallas family law attorneys will ensure you understand your rights and obligations when negotiating spousal maintenance. We will take the time to explain the factors that go into spousal contribution calculations and work diligently to acquire a reasonable arrangement for both parties.

Property Division Assistance

Concerned about how your property will be divided in a divorce? Working with a skilled attorney from Robinson & Henry will ensure that your assets are divided in a way that accurately reflects your contributions and adheres to Texas law. Our team will provide you with insightful guidance about your options and help you work towards an equitable allocation of assets.

Marital Agreement Drafting

Thinking about safeguarding your financial interests before or after marriage? We can draft prenuptial and postnuptial agreements that fortify your financial future and promote equity for both parties. Our family attorneys will sit down with you to outline a legally sound agreement that addresses your specific conditions and concerns. We can also facilitate open communication between you and your partner to create a document you feel is fair and thorough.

Post-divorce Modifications

Need to make changes to your divorce decree? If your circumstances have changed or you believe your divorce resulted in an unfair court order, we can support you in petitioning the court for a modification. From spousal support payments to child custody arrangements, we will fight to get you the resolution you deserve. Our team will walk you through each step of the process, from gathering proper documentation to understanding the criteria for modification.

Domestic Violence Protection Orders

Do you need immediate protection to ensure your safety and peace? With compassion and understanding, our attorneys will guide you through obtaining the necessary protection order.

Adoption Proceedings

Planning to expand your family through adoption? Allow us to be a part of welcoming a new member into your family. While the adoption process can be joyous, it’s also filled with legal challenges that we can help you navigate. Let us safeguard your legal rights during adoption and facilitate your transition into parenthood.

Paternity Establishment

Seeking to establish paternity and understand its implications? Our attorneys are here to guide you through the process. We will advocate to ensure that the courts recognize and uphold the legal rights of a child’s father. Paternity has significant implications for spousal support and parental obligations, and we are committed to assisting you with these crucial issues.

Surrogacy and Reproductive Rights

Exploring options like surrogacy to grow your family? Our attorneys can walk you through creating an enforceable surrogacy agreement to protect your legal parentage of the child. We also provide counsel to surrogates to protect their financial rights and well-being. 

Name Change Proceedings

Considering a name change due to a shift in your life circumstances? We are here to help you make this transition with accuracy. Our attorneys will help you navigate the name change process with confidence, ensuring all legal requirements are met to make the transition seamless.

Why Choose Robinson & Henry?

As a full-service legal firm, Robinson & Henry has the teams in place to support you through nearly every legal challenge life sends your way. We understand that family law cases are sensitive, which is why you will always be treated with empathy and respect when you work with our attorneys. We understand the urgency of your questions and concerns during your case and ensure prompt responses. When you call Robinson & Henry, a live person will greet you. Given the personal nature of your case, we will ensure our communication systems are equally sensitive.

We believe quality legal guidance should be accessible to everyone, which is why we offer a range of payment options. The cost of your legal representation should not be an additional concern during proceedings. We will work with you to craft a payment plan that complements your goals and circumstances. When you want the support and resources of a large law firm with the customized attention you’d receive at a small one, call Robinson & Henry.

Meet the Team

Our firm comprises an exceptional group of lawyers boasting a range of experience that makes them poised to handle your diverse legal issues. If you are looking for a family law attorney in Dallas, our full-service team is ready to serve you.

What Our Clients Have to Say

We have assisted clients across the Lone Star state, from Fort Worth to Houston, TX. A family law attorney in Dallas is ready to provide you with expert, compassionate support. Discover firsthand what our clients have to say about their experiences with Robinson & Henry.

“Very helpful! Great consultation, answered all my questions! Very professional! Look forward to having them in my corner!” – Terry

“The best at what they do. I had no idea how to move forward and the people here were the most amazing at it all.” – Jade

“They have provided me with an excellent preliminary consultation. They let me present my situation, offered thoughtful and candid commentary, and presented a pathway to move forward. Extremely appreciated is that they also presented their fee structure in advance so there is no guess work.” – Les

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