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Navigating a divorce is a profoundly challenging journey. At Robinson & Henry, we blend deep legal expertise with genuine compassion, guiding you through every aspect of this complex process. Our dedicated Dallas divorce attorneys are prepared to advocate for your best interests, from complex asset divisions to sensitive custody matters. Contact us today to schedule your assessment with a team committed to your welfare and discover a clear path forward in your divorce case.

Understanding Texas Divorce Law

Texas divorce law presents unique challenges, from understanding the grounds for divorce to the division of assets. Our Dallas divorce attorneys have deep knowledge of these regulations and will develop a strategy that protects your rights within the state’s legal framework. Let one of our attorneys support you during this process.

How a Dallas Divorce Lawyer Can Help You

Every divorce case carries its own set of circumstances and challenges. Our diverse pool of attorneys, each specializing in their own area of family law, tailors our legal strategies to align with your specific goals, ensuring a personalized plan that addresses your unique concerns.

Our Divorce Services in Dallas

We offer a comprehensive range of divorce services designed to manage every aspect of your case. Below, you’ll find a description of the services we offer. From initial consultations to final agreements, our divorce lawyers in Dallas, TX,  are here to ensure a smooth and equitable resolution.

Divorce Consultation

We understand that it’s not every day you have to hire a divorce attorney. Dallas residents going through a divorce deserve to vet and assess their options. That’s why we offer consultations where a lawyer will listen to your story and present you with clear options on how to best move forward. We will present you with a range of clear, actionable options tailored to your circumstances. This process ensures that you are well informed about the potential strategies for your divorce, helping you make decisions aligned with your best interests and long-term goals.

Separation Guidance

Let a Robinson & Henry lawyer help you make the most efficient use of your separation. Separation provides you with the space and time to strategize for your divorce, and one of our divorce attorneys in Dallas can help you set clear end-of-marriage objectives during this sensitive period. 

Mediation Services

Opt for mediation to resolve disputes outside of court. One of our attorneys can provide you with expert counsel before and during mediation. Our skilled attorneys aim for amicable solutions during negotiations that respect everyone’s interests while saving time and money and reducing stress.

Child Custody Negotiations

We’ve guided many families through successful child custody negotiations in Dallas, TX. A divorce lawyer at Robinson & Henry will treat child custody agreements with the care and sensitivity they call for. We put your children’s wellness first and will fight for an arrangement that prioritizes their stability.

Child Support Services

You shouldn’t have to wonder how you’ll support your children on top of the other stresses that accompany divorce. Understanding the stakes, our firm is committed to removing any uncertainty regarding your financial obligations and entitlements. Allow a Dallas divorce attorney to advocate on your behalf for a fair child support agreement that secures your family’s financial future.

Spousal Maintenance Agreements

Nobody deserves to face financial insecurity following a divorce. A Robinson & Henry divorce attorney will work tirelessly to build a strong case that you are eligible for spousal maintenance. We will communicate clearly with you so you understand what factors go into obtaining spousal maintenance orders.

Property Division Assistance

If you and your spouse accumulated property during your marriage, we will see to it that these valuable assets are divided equitably. We will also fight to protect the separate property you owned before your marriage. From real property to liquid assets, we will make sure the court awards you what is rightfully yours.

Marital Agreement Drafting

Whether you are engaged or separated, our team can draft an agreement that helps you get through this life change with confidence. We can craft a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement that reflects your financial goals and provides the protections you need to make this major transition. 

Post-divorce Modifications

Not all divorces end in terms that are fair to all parties. This can occur when clients don’t fully understand their rights or do not work with an experienced divorce lawyer. Dallas divorce proceedings call for a knowledgeable attorney. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your divorce, we can fight to adjust or reverse court orders such as spousal support payments or custody agreements.

Domestic Violence Protective Orders

You deserve to feel safe and peaceful at all times. Our team will diligently gather all the evidence needed to obtain a protective order that ensures your safety and well-being. You don’t have to face harassment or abuse alone; at Robinson & Henry, we are tough on abuse and will fight for your safety.

Contempt Proceedings

When you engage Robinson & Henry for contempt proceedings, our commitment to your case is unwavering. We understand the critical nature of enforcing court orders and will diligently pursue every legal avenue to address violations, ensuring that all legal orders are respected and followed. Whether the issue involves missed child support payments, disobeyed child custody agreements, or refusals to adhere to restraining orders, our team has the expertise and determination to tackle these challenges head-on.

Declaration of Paternity

Let us guide you through the process of establishing paternity and ensuring the court recognizes your familial rights in Dallas. Divorce attorney services include helping families confirm and uphold paternal rights and obligations. We can assist you through this important step in negotiating child custody, child support payments, and similar family matters.

Asset Division Assistance

At Robinson & Henry, we will be assertive in advocating for your financial interests. We’ll fight for a division of community assets that upholds your financial well-being and protects your separate assets. We know that splitting up assets can be emotional and complex; we’re here to guide you through these negotiations with care and persistence.

Why Choose Robinson & Henry?

Choose Robinson & Henry for unmatched legal advocacy grounded in a thorough understanding of Texas divorce law. If you need a divorce attorney in Dallas, TX, our dedicated team ensures you are supported 24/7, with expert guidance tailored to your unique legal needs. That’s why you can reach us any time of day and always reach a real human being. You’ll also benefit from the resources that come with a large law firm while still enjoying tailored service and empathetic attention. Our attorneys are dedicated to providing guidance and support at every step of your divorce journey. 

Meet the Team

Our roster of family law attorneys, with more than 85 years of experience combined, have confronted and resolved a diverse range of challenges for our clients. From child custody concerns to enforcing spousal maintenance orders, our divorce lawyers are ready to handle any legal issues that come your way, no matter how nuanced or complex they may be. Having this dynamic group of attorneys on your team means your family law matter will receive the utmost attention it deserves.

What Our Clients Have to Say

We know how effective our attorneys are, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Read what some of our clients have to say about their experiences with Robinson & Henry.

“Very helpful! Great consultation, answered all my questions! Very professional! Look forward to having them in my corner!” – Terry

“The best at what they do. I had no idea how to move forward and the people here were the most amazing at it all.” – Jade

“They have provided me with an excellent preliminary consultation. They let me present my situation, offered thoughtful and candid commentary, and presented a pathway to move forward. Extremely appreciated is that they also presented their fee structure in advance so there is no guess work.” – Les

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When you work with Robinson & Henry, you can count on the support of a Dallas divorce attorney who understands the intricacies of Texas divorce law. We will treat you with care and understanding while firmly advocating for your rights. Divorce is never easy, but you’ll navigate yours with more confidence knowing the experts at Robinson & Henry are by your side. Schedule your consultation today and learn how our attorneys can lighten the burden during one of life’s tougher transitions. We are here to help you every step of the way until you’ve signed your very last divorce document.

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