Free Carbon Monoxide Lease Addendum

December 10, 2013 | Bill Henry

Are you a Colorado landlord? Did you know that you are responsible for ensuring that carbon monoxide alarms are installed in your rental and are functioning before each new tenant moves in?

Among your requirements under Colorado Revised Statute § 38-45-104, you must

  • Ensure that any batteries necessary to make the carbon monoxide alarm operational are provided to the tenant when he or she moves in
  • Replace any carbon monoxide alarm if notified by a tenant that it was stolen, removed, found missing, or is not working
  • Fix any broken carbon monoxide alarm before a tenant moves in, and if notified by your tenant during their occupancy
  • Install a carbon monoxide alarm if one is not present for any tenancy beginning after 2009

The landlord attorneys of Robinson & Henry are providing a free addendum to add to your lease to ensure that your tenants meet their obligations to properly care for the carbon monoxide detectors in your rental unit.

If you have any questions, or would like your entire lease reviewed, please contact us at (303) 688-0944.

Free Carbon Monoxide Addenedum

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