How to Find Vital Information About Your Foreclosure

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By: Bill Henry
PublishedAug 7, 2020
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If your home is going into foreclosure, it can be frustrating not knowing everything you need to know. Luckily there are ways to find foreclosure information.

Real Estate attorney Boyd Rolfson briefly goes over how you can find foreclosure information.

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How to Find Foreclosure Information

Having your home go into foreclosure by your lender is a stressful event enough, but one of the things that makes it most stressful and most frustrating is the lack of information and knowledge that you have, dates, deadlines, and notices from your foreclosing lender.

You have no idea when your property is going to be foreclosed on or when the sale’s gonna happen, and, unfortunately, the only people to provide that information is generally the lender themselves or their attorney who doesn’t communicate with you.

Where to Find Foreclosure Information

One of the things that I’ve found as an attorney is that anyone can find foreclosure information in Colorado.

County Websites

Every single county in Colorado has a foreclosure search website that you can search on Google and find the foreclosure search website with the public trustee of each county.

You can then enter your address information or even your name, and the foreclosure information pops up.

It gives you various things such as:
  • When the foreclosure was filed
  • When the sale date was
  • And the last date you have to cure the amount owed before it goes to sale

All that information is real time and at your fingertips just by simply searching those foreclosure search websites.

Hopefully that helps and arms you with information so that you can then figure out how to deal with that foreclosure or get that loan modification and be able to get yourself out of foreclosure.

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