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By: Bill Henry
PublishedApr 27, 2020
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There are circumstances when the eviction process can happen sooner – rather than later. The law provides some exceptions for those really bad tenants who commit substantial violations. This article covers what qualifies as a substantial violation.

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In handling evictions, we sometimes have landlords ask whether their tenant has committed a substantial violation. The reason for that is that a violation such as this allows for earlier eviction. Now, unlike what you might think, they have a very specific definition under the law.

What is a Substantial Violation?

Typically, a substantial violation is something that occurred on or near the premises. It will involve something that is dangerous to a person or, in more limited circumstances, their property. Oftentimes, a violent or drug-related felony is involved.

Substantial violations do not apply to as many cases as you may think due to the limits of the law.

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