Eviction Relief for Colorado Renters | COVID-19 Outbreak

March 24, 2020 | Bill Henry

Eviction relief for Colorado renters is temporarily available during COVID-19. Our eviction defense lawyers may be able to assist you in an eviction that goes against the gubernatorial order.

eviction relief

Available Help for Colorado Renters

If you’re a Colorado renter affected by the novel coronavirus, called COVID-19, there is relief for you. Colorado Governor Jared Polis recently directed a number of state agencies to provide funds for rental assistance and temporarily stop evictions.

Polis told the agencies, including the Department of Regulatory Agencies, to work with landlords and rental property owners to find a lawful way to keep tenants, including mobile home owners, in their homes until April 30, 2020.

In addition to temporary eviction relief, the governor also wants landlords and rental property owners to waive fees and penalties for late rent and nonpayment until April 30, as well.

Law Enforcement Asked to Temporarily Forgo Eviction Actions

Sheriffs offices and police departments have been asked to suspend their role in evictions until April 30, unless, that is, the efforts are necessary to protect public health and safety.

Money Available for Renters

Three-million-dollars will be made available for low-income households, including renters, affected by COVID-19. Financial assistance will be prioritized for individuals who lost work due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

This money will be available for six months from March 20, 2020.

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