What the CDC Evictions Order Means for Landlords

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By: Bill Henry
PublishedNov 13, 2020
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Eviction Attorney Dylan Becker briefly explains what the CDC eviction order means for landlords.

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The CDC recently issued an agency order that prevents landlords from evicting tenants in certain situations. The order was issued on September 4th and currently it expires December 31st, but that might be renewed.

Under the order a landlord is prevented from evicting a tenant for failure to pay rent, if they receive from that tenant a declaration that meets certain criteria. So specifically, if the tenant declares that they have done their best to seek government assistance for payments, or their family are under a certain threshold for income.

If the reason for their inability to pay is premised on some cause related to COVID, that is under a list of causes, that they have made their best efforts to pay to the fullest extent that they can. Finally that if the eviction went through, they would be rendered homeless or in close quarters with other individuals.

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