Memory Aid Products For Brain Injury Victims

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By: Bill Henry
PublishedMar 27, 2020
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Memory loss – a common symptom of traumatic brain injury

Today, I would like to discuss a few memory aid products for brain injury sufferers. When you have a concussion, also known as a traumatic brain injury, one of the main complaints or symptoms is forgetfulness, memory loss, and particularly short-term memory loss.

You may forget things that you have to do at work. You may forget your child’s activity schedule. Your spouse may have told you to pick something from the grocery store and you forgot what that is. All of those things can be signs of memory loss from a concussion.

Fortunately, there are things that you can do to cope. They can lessen the severity of the symptoms while you are in treatment and recovering from your brain injury.

What you can do to cope

Use apps

One of the easy things is using the apps that you have on your phone. One app that I like and use is called Evernote. It helps you stay organized. It helps you keep different lists to track tasks that you need to do.

Use calendars

And if you don’t want to download a specific app, you can just use the calendar options that are on your phone. Obviously, use the calendar, tasks, notes, and reminders.

Use (sticky) notes

And if you’re not a cellphone person or laptop person, you can go back to old school and get a calendar and just take notes of everything, you know. Use sticky notes.

Don’t be embarrassed

If you had a broken arm, you would wear a sling, right? So, if you have a brain injury, this is part of taking care of a brain injury. If you need to put sticky notes all over your fridge and your car and your desk at work to help you get through this, then do it. It’s very common and that will help you cope with these symptoms as you continue to treat them and recover.

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